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All companies are invited to get their keywords indexed into our search engine. Create  display blocks to get into search results.
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 Virtual Cities (development begins)

  Opportunities for all shops/businesses to go online effectively cheaply.





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Partners wanted
(Malaysia only)
AGEsuper.com Virtual City

Be our partners

The AGEsuper.com Virtual Cities are powered by our powerful URL shortening/indexing/search engine (all in one).
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Why wait for customers to walk into the shop? In this age of mobile Internet, we get hundred times more people looking at your products/services everyday through their mobile phones looking for deals/offers etc.

We provide opportunities to all shops/businesses to go online far more effectively than the traditional ways. All kinds of businesses from big Telcos to the cobblers in the street can effectively get more customers and better businesses. One can even operate from homes. Talk to us. We show you how to go online, use online payments, advertise etc.  We become your partners in the Virtual front. Can even expand and sell worldwide.

Advertise or be our online partner.

Businesses can advertise their products in our Virtual Cities that would be established throughout the country.

Alternatively, be our partner in our Virtual Cities provide your services to our Virtual citizens.
We invite companies/individuals who are experts in their field to be our online partner for that sector and be able to
provide such services not just to their local clients but expand throughout where Virtual cities are established.
Term and conditions can be negotiated. Talk to us if your company wishes to collaborate with us in your area of expertise.

No domain name registration is required to sell and communicate online with local customers.
All use only one gateway   AGEsuper.com   or AGEgoogle.com (as back up)

Come talk to us about your plans on how to promote your company/products/services.

Whatsapp call/messge from site
Whatsapp 60162297834 

(currently for Malaysia only)




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