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    Meet online , send Digital Business name cards .
    Instant recall using names/phone numbers.
    Contacts can easily reach you after that.

Other services by Keywords System

1. Advertising in banners, leaflets, brochures, Billboards
       More details see

 2. Branding . Very effective branding. Use names instead of URL addresses

 3. Sales   improves sales when all sales people can be reached easily using keywords or phone numbers.

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Create an AGEsuper Business Card(ABC)
Only US20/year ..with 1000 free hits credits  !! Business Card (ABC)

How to create  
 1  Upload the front and back images using the form below.
     (Artwork is to be supplied by customers. Extra charge if Artwork is required)
     (In place of uploading image files, users can copy the URL addressrd of online images and paste to the boxes provided below)
 2. Fill up the form. Not all boxes need to be filled and leave out those not relevant as blank.
 3. Make payment of US20.00 for 1 year
 4  Upload payment slip using the upload button
 5. Click submit.
 6. Whatsapp your payment slip to 60182601477 click  

The submission will be processed and customers will be notified about the cards created for
testing and approval. Maximum of two changes are allowed .

Charges :
1. The cost of US20/year is required to create an Online business card or sales site.
2. Free 1000 hits credits (worth US10) will be provided initially under this promotion.
3. Upon using up , more hits credits can be purchased though this page or through this link
4. Each time a user accesses the page using gateway to reach the site, 1 hit credit is charged

Top up hits credits. link
User can purchase hits credits costing at minimum US10 for 1000 hits at US 1cts per hit to continue to use the premium package. 
If there is no hit, there is no charge . The credits are valid for one year from the date of purchase and are not refundable. 

Without hits credits, the Online cards are still accessible but will carry ads.

Invitation to all companies (big or small)
The system can empower all your sales team, promotions, advertising and branding . More information, please contact us.
Company's name(if any)
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Start Creating

Fill up the form below to create AGEGoogle Online name card 
Choose a Keyword for your card
Keywords can be names in any language from Chinese to Arabic . Phone numbers, email addresses are also accepted. Please check availability of the Keyword first before submission. To secure exclusive use of the keyword, subscription to AKS is needed, otherwise the keyword will be on 'open' basis. This will be the keyword used to reach the online card e.g.
State which country the site to be accesseed . If to be used internationally state 'International'
Short description
about the keyword
A short description about the site or keyword. This would be reflected in the search engine results
Sample front image
Upload the front
page image
Can either upload the image or get the image address from an online source and paste it to 'Front page's landing page' box
Online Image's
If there is no offline images to be uploaded, copy and paste the URL address of the image from an online source e.g. Facebook, dropshots or any legal websites.
Front page's
landing page
Key here the web address of the landing page for the front image when clicked
sample Back page
Upload the back
page image
Can either upload the image or get the image from online source and paste it at next page namely Online Image's Address .
Online Image's
If using online image , copy the image address and paste it here.
Back page's
landing page
Key here the web address of the landing page for the back image when clicked
Phone number
Whatsapp number
Skype Call Name
Facebook name
Twitter name
LinkedIn Profile
promotion code if you have
Tell us how we can help you. We shall respond to you through emails or whatsapp

  Payment directly to Bank through ATM/TT transfer

Payments through our Bank Account        RM90 (Normal RM180)

(For Malaysians only)
Paperless Homework Sdn Bhd
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Kuala Lumpur , Malaysia
A/c number :  5142 3582 3565

Bank into ATM , send copy of image of payment slip and upload it

(Malaysia and Internatiional)
Pay by PayPal click here   -  US20
(Normal US40)

Current offer : 1,000 hits credits worth US10/RM45
(during promotion only)

Print screen the receipt .. and upload it below


Send payment slip
Attach a copy of the bank payment slip or Paypal payment receipt whichever is applicable
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