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 Is your business Covid19 Ready?
(For the next two years ?)
One infection, your business closes down!
Take care ! Use our All-in-one covid19 Gateway!

    Keep your customers/staff safe



  AGEsuper.com all-in-one multi purpose Gateway 

 Just ONE gateway helps you these ways

  It is a
   1. Online business card
   2. Online brochure
   3. Online advertising
   4. Online ordering
   5. Online payment gateway
   6. Online branding
   7. Online contact page
   8. Online web page
   9. Online menu , price list
   10. Elderly friendly !
   11. Emergency Response to any emergency!
   all into one with social distancing results that promotes business and save lives.

 1. Promotes and sells safely online safely.
 2. Protects your staff and company from infections and minimises contacts.
 3. Empowers your sales & marketing force safely.
 4. Creates an icon link directly to gateway without using Apps ( which few will download)
 5. Use E wallets digital payments (cash is dangerous)
 6. Use it as your business card (paper based cards are dangerous)
 7. Use it to promote your products like leaflets, brochures , banners etc link
 8. Use it to help brand your company and products.
 9. Save a great deal of money on  advertising and promotions
10.See a whole new ways to promote your company and products link

11. Able to use keywords of ANY LANGUAGE to access the gateway
12. Link to our Superfast Emergency Response system to get instant help for all emergencies including Covid19 matters
13. It allows everyone from elderly to tech savvies to access, order and pay. (big market)

 How to do business in NEW NORMAL AGEsuper.com All-in-0ne


Contact us now for more info
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We are now teaming up all companies to join us in this NEW NORMAL business environment.
We can promote your products wherever a new virtual neighborhood is established or set up .

We  do so by helping all businesses to safely connect up their main customers to their shops and help to
minimise direct contacts using digital means from payments to business cards.

To Chain stores, Malls, Food courts

We recommend our ways to gradually return from NEW NORMAL  to normal.

Our system enables minimum contacts between customers and businesses/sales .
Helps to easily improve customers/business communications
This will increase sales to all the tenants and ensure a better chance to survive.


  AGEsuper.com Virtual Cities


We create virtual cities, virtual online food courts etc in all neighbourhoods.
It enables shops and businesses to go online easily and effectively

Virtual neighbourhoods/cities
New Normal


 More virtual cities are in the pipe line. All interested to explore opening up Virtual cities in their area , are welcome

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Super fast response

For all kinds of emergencies from accidients or Covid19 reporting etc.
  Help save lives        
 Click for Emergency


A super fast Emergency Response System
Instant rescuers in seconds for all Emergencies while waiting for government 999/911/112 rescue services or reports for Covid19 instances.

Ideal for :
Security guards, staff in dangerous environments, taxis, parents alone, guarded communities, condos security etc

  Free trial    
More details

   on how to use, create new accounts,
   Free 30 days trial (no credit cards)

Who can use

     Help save lives of your loved ones
     and staff (ideal for staff benefits).  
Emergency numbers 

(anywhere in the world)

In any emergency, one click gets instant access to emergency numbers anywhere in the world
Here one can find emergency numbers listed around the world instantly.
Create a bookmark/homescreen icon in your mobile ever ready ! Do not wait.



   Install Shortcuts to homescreen
  Install shortcuts in your PC/Mobile homescreen.  It enables instant access to the pages .
These shortcuts takes very little space in your mobile (200k)

Installs the shortcut for AGEsuper.com
Main gateway to all sites.

  Emergency Response System

Installs the shortcut
AGEsuper.com Emergency Response
Instant access to help.



SHARE freely very useful to all

Very useful to create a bookmark/home screen icon mobile phone
ever ready for any emergency to get help or from the important
telephone numbers of all countries in the world .

Key in your valid email (to earn credits).
Share freely globally 

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