List of Suggested keywords  for testing

How to use

1. Log in to and key in the keywords    
(~my denotes Malaysia
not required if used in the same country  , ~int denotes international)

2. Use in Browser/as links  

bitly costing~my - landing to

cradle~my -

cradle cgp~my      -^

cip300~my -

cradle 300~my-

deq800~my -


Alan Foo    Alan's online business card


Jobs~sg   Jobs in Singapore

Matrade   (International)

Matrade foreign buyers~int            Matrade listing Malaysian companies

Songs    for songs
歌   lagu     أغنية   গান

Kennice Low  - Online Business card for Kennice Low


Emergency Response links

EM  -    Emergency Response Page

CM  -      Central Monitoring for Emergency cases

What Keywords can help

See all list in


1. Branding , Marketing , Sales simplified

2.  Instant online shops
Enable anyone from a cobbler to top companies to go create online business instantly without
having to register domain names/sites

3.   E-commerce companies
Helps e-commerce companies such as Lazada , to get free traffic using bottoms up approach instead of top down approach
    which is costly.

4. Makes all ads "alive"
    All ads with Keywords instantly leads to sites with information
    Use in Banners, shop fronts , Bill boards, directories, leaflets brochures etc

5. Extent active life of "advertisements"
    by usng a keyword to the ad online

6. Online Busness Cards
     Send online business cards with links to all sites